Ductless Systems

Ductless air conditioners have many potential applicationin all kind of properties.they are non ducted cooling system such as hydronic cool or heat. they are an excellent choice for room additions and small apartment where existing duct work is not feasible , they have highest technology with highest efficiency in cooling equipment in HVAC stuff .like a central systems , mini split (other name pf Ductless Air Conditioners) have two main components : Outdoor Compressor/Condenser and Indoor Air Handling unit.

 The main advantage of ductless air conditioner to other cooling systems are flexibility for zoning or cooling rooms individually. customers could choose the model can have as many as four air handling units connected to one outdoor unit. the numbers of indoor unit depend on how many zone (room) required for the building.

Each of zone would have its own thermostat, so you only need proper space to install them and you will save money and energy. each of indoor unit need to make 3 inches hole in wall to connect pipes and conduit to outdoor unit that would be hidden by indoor unit by professional installer.

Since Ductless air conditioners have no duct they avoid the energy losses with duct of air forced system. Duct losses almost %30 of energy consumption, especially the ducts are in the bad conditioned space like an attic or garage spaces.

UniAire recommend customers to design their properties with central air force or hydronic system except where a duct system or hydronic pipes would not be able or difficult to pass through. Ductlesses are the best solution in these cases.

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